Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Linda Goes to Pitt

Like so many of us this time of year, Linda's making the trek to college to get one of her fledglings signed up for next fall.   And like many of you visiting Blog, she hit as many needlework shops as she could find during her trip to Pittsburgh.  First stop was at The Porcupine Needlepoint Shop in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

Linda's second shop visit was with Needle Point Breeze which is in the Point Breeze area of Pittsburgh.  They don't appear to have a website, just a Facebook page.

And her third stop was at Beehive Needle Arts in Mt. Lebanon, another Pittsburgh suburb.  Their website is the second link below.

(Between the time I wrote this article and when it published, the link to the Beehive shop website has gone inactive.  Hopefully it will be back up soon!)

By the way, Beehive has a book I've never even heard of--dede Odgen's "The Basics for Needlepoint."

Thanks so much for the armchair travelogue!

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