Monday, June 8, 2015

Keeping Busy in the Off Season

Needle Nicely has always been located in tourists towns (first in the North Carolina mountains and now on the Florida coast) which means the shop has a definite "season" when the tourist are around and dead time over the summer when no one in their right mind goes to Florida to enjoy the heat, humidity, bugs, alligators and of course the thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Ok, so they don't have hurricanes that often, but the shop always has to contend with dead times of the year.  So how does Mary Agnes keep busy?   She skeins threads!

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  1. Would like to win Jo's book! Have tried this several times but it doesn't appear, thank you!

    1. Got you, Cescar. All comments have to be approved by me--they don't appear automatically. I do that so that spammers are kept away. Otherwise offers to buy sunglasses and porn would be all over the place here!