Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Linda's Seeking As You Like It Nativity Pieces

Holy Family

Linda is very fond of the As You Like It Nativity set and owns a couple of pieces but is looking for more.  

Three Wise Men
She owns the Holy Family canvas and all three of the Wise Men, and has a lead on the Shepherds with Sheep.

Heavenly Host--is she part of the set?

This may or may not be the angel.  Anyone know if this is the angel that belongs to the set?  Linda thinks the colors are wrong.

Shepherds, Sheep and Donkey
But usually there are other pieces like a camel or elephant and an angel.  Anyone seen these?

Linda also wants the Scottish Santa.  

Irish Santa - Linda wants the Scottish Santa, too.

Here is her Irish Santa to give you an idea what the ethnic Santas look like.  She has the Irish one already but wants the Scotsman Santa.

Since the company has been out of business for quite a while, it isn't going to be easy for Linda to find the angel and the camel or elephant pieces, so she's turning to Blog's readers for help.  If you are a shop with one of these in stock, Linda'd like to know what the set looks like and if it is for sale, what the price is.  If you have one of these in your stash and are willing to part with it, or at least share a photograph, Linda'd love that information.  Email me at chillyhollowat hotmaildotcom and I'll forward the information to her.  

Thanks so much for helping a fellow stitcher!

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  1. I've seen the Holy Family & the pictured angel within the last 2 weeks on ebay. Both auctions are closed, I believe, but it would be worth putting them in a search. As far as the colors of the angel's gown, there are purples & teals in the magis' robes.