Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TNNA Columbus May 2015 Favorites

I've started to assemble a collection of my favorites from TNNA's Summer Show in Columbus, Ohio.  These are personal favorites, things I'd like to stitch myself, and listed in no particular order.

Melissa Shirley has created a huge number of new pieces for the summer show.

Melissa Shirley's Christmas Tree Angel Ornament 1879-D

I am particularly fond of Melissa's little angel ornaments (also available in a larger standup size),  but the dog ornaments in the Best Friends Collection from Mary Lake-Thompson are also charming!  Some of them repeat dog portraits that were released earlier as full sized pieces.

Border Collie Ornament (Mary Lake Thompson) MLT325-F

Not to worry, there's a cat among the dog ornaments.

Vicki Swayer's Snowy Nadia VS152

Fans of Vicki Swayer's animal portraits won't be disappointed.  There's a cow, a huge number of funny chipmunks, birds from the beach (and other places), a hare and a toad, and my personal favorite--this polar bear.

Leigh Designs has released their normal series of eight--this time the Gold Diggers.  Each beauty features typical gear for a gold digger in that neck of the woods.  Recognize anyone?  LOL

Leigh's Gold Digger Miami

Leigh's friends have been busy created stitch guides for this beautiful crew of ladies looking for the big bucks!    Sandy Arthur has done a guide for Hollywood, Pat Miller has done Vegas, Houston is by Carolyn Taggart, and Sharon Quick has done Scottsdale.  My personal favorite is Miami and I'll be stitching that once I finish No Flying Monkeys.

Spooky Pumpkin H-011 from JP

Juli Poitras of JP Needlepoint has a lot of classic pieces, but my very favorite is "Spooky Pumpkin" from her Halloween banners.

Pepperberry's Cool Reindeer

Pepperberry Designs also has dog ornaments (Do I sense a theme developing here?) but my favorite is this Cool Reindeer ornament!

Labors of Love's Mini Mermaid LL510T

Labors of Love has added new clip on birds and a dimensional turkey and 2-sided snowmen, but their series of eight mermaid ornaments is my favorite.   They've also added to their Storybook characters series and have created a "bridal tree" club.

Ewe and Eye's Winter Sleigh Scene with Custom Frame

Ewe and Eye and Maggie have collaborated again with Lisa Krause for some wonderful custom frames.  There is even a mirror and a dry erase board!  My personal favorite is this winter sleigh scene above.  I don't usually like folk art designs but I find this one charming.

Scott Church/CBK Beaver working on Candy Cane

CBK has some new Scott Church Creative pieces.  The beaver above cracks me up.

Those are my very favorites but I know there are many great canvases I missed.  What's YOUR favorite?

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