Friday, June 12, 2015

The Mysterious Retreat UPDATED

If you like going places to stitch--particularly if you are a fan of counted canvaswork--and you also like mystery pieces where you don't know how things will turn out, then you need to check out Liz's progress on the 2012 Mystery Retreat design she is working.   Click on the small thumbnail to see how beautiful this is.

Sorry, this design isn't available anywhere unless you went on the retreat or talk someone who did into parting with their instructions--or unless it is offered in a cyberclass, which does happen occasionally.   These retreats are held by Linda K. Reinmiller, Debbie Rowley, Pat Hartman and Mary Knapp.  (The latter two ladies make up Creative Reflections.)  They create the design together and then put on the retreat.  Stitchers who go pick from several available color ways but otherwise, everything is Top Secret until you arrive and start stitching.  This year's retreat is July 16-18 in Phoenix and registration is closed (although you might still get in if someone cancels).

You can keep up with the latest on the 2015 Mystery Retreat on Facebook, too.

It's a fun way to get together with fellow enthusiasts and stitch something amazing.

By the way, if you aren't familiar with these designers, check out the Counted Canvaswork Designers tab here on Blog to find their websites.

UPDATE:  Here is the 2015 retreat design.

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  1. Thanks, Jane. Yes, the retreats are fun and very instructive. BTW, Debbie Rowley is also one of the teachers. Each of the four teachers designs one section of the project and then they collaborate on a fifth. Then they each teach their section. So as a retreat participant, you get a class with each of them. I've been to two and not only did I have fun, but now have the gorgeous pieces and fabulous reference material.

  2. You have forgotten Debbie Rowley of DeeBee's Designs. I know because I was the original 5th member who actually did a lot of the groundwork to get us/them started. I left after 5 years for various reasons.

    Sam-Cloth Designs

  3. Ladies, I deliberately omitted Debbie Rowley as she is no longer listed on the retreat website as one of the teachers for the upcoming retreat. She may be back in 2016, I don't know, but I imagine she is pretty busy these days with her solo teaching and her charts business.

  4. UPDATE: Now Debbie Rowley is listed as one of the instructors. I wonder if they were updating their website when I visited? She wasn't there then! Well, looks like Debbie will be there with bells on! Thanks everyone for asking!