Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Paternayan Update From Yarn Barn

Got a note over the weekend from Enid who owns the Yarn Barn in San Antonio. She gave me an update on Paternayan and permission to repeat what she told me here.

Enid says, "We own a shop in San Antonio that used to be a main distributor for Paternayan so I still have quite of bit of the older inventory of Paternayan along with the new stuff. In my honest opinion they are very close. The big plus I have to say is that every strand is equal diameter, making it so much easier to work with. They have worked hard to match the sheen and texture of the older Paternayan, and I really think they have done an excellent job.

I realize this is an older post but just a little update Saco River Dyehouse is chugging right along and has just about all the colors in the Paternayan color palette. Back order wait times have significantly shortened, since they increased the number of pounds they dye per week.

They are also working on updating the color cards. Which I hear will be available soon. At this point they have professionally printed cards. We carry Paternayan in quarter pound hanks (approximately 160 yards, 4 oz), or small twists (approximately 8-10 yards, 0.25 oz). The small twists are either skeins that we created ourselves or the small twists that Saco River makes it is basically one continuous 8 yard strand. "


Thanks for the update!  By the way, folks, Yarn Barn of San Antonio Texas has a Facebook page if you'd like to keep an eye on the latest there.

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