Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Needlepoint Inc. Moved in June

Needlepoint Inc. has moved to a new location.  If you aren't familiar with the shop, you'll love the photographs.  Heck, you'll love the photos if you ARE familiar with the shop.

You will love their website, too.  They distribute Chinese silk in lovely colors and also design their own line of painted canvases.  It's a full service store, with finishing and teaching, too.

This is one of the Must See sights in San Francisco for stitchers!

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  1. I visited the new location about a month ago. Not all the canvases were unpacked and organized yet, but there was still a massive amount of canvases on the tables, shelves, cubbyholes...I came home with a half dozen or so. One can't resist, especially with all the wonderful finished canvases on display. One can't help but get those creative juices flowing.

    This store is a lot smaller than the previous one at Union Square, and I confess to liking the previous shop better. However, at least Needlepoint, Inc., is still in business!

    1. Thanks for the review, Wendy. You are right--a smaller shop is better than none at all. I suppose businesses evolve and change over time, anyway, and maybe they thought less rent was worth a downsizing. Glad you picked up some goodies! Can't wait to hear all about them! Hugs as always-me