Friday, September 11, 2015

The New Fox or Owl?

I've started to see a small trend in painted canvses--panda designs! BB Designs has a Christmas panda ornament opening its gifts.

Kathy Schenkel has a panda and bamboo stocking.

I adore this panda ornament found at the Point of It All Designs' online shop.

Animal Fayre has a darling small panda.

dede Odgen has a panda with a sweater and Christmas stocking ornament.

Jince has a Love canvas with a mama panda and her baby.

Liz of Tapestry Tent has a roll up panda.

Scott Church's panda is eating a candy cane instead of bamboo!

Jean Smith has a colorful panda bear in her kids animals series.

There's also a wonderful Panda Treasure Box on Etsy.

The latest panda is this needle minder that Ridgewood posted--along with several other new magnets--on their blog.

I also found another style of panda magnet over at Bedecked and Beaddazzled.

Speaking of accessories, you can even pick up a crochet panda tape measure.

I think while we weren't looking pandas became nearly as prevalent as fox and owl canvases!

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  1. Maybe it is me, but frequently the links do not open. I would love to visit the sites but am unable to do so. The facebook sites never work. Any suggestions?

    1. No idea what's wrong. All the links in the article work for me. The Facebook links probably don't work for folks who aren't logged into Facebook. Nothing I can do about that.