Monday, February 22, 2016

The Needlepoint Wreath UPDATED

Horse Country Chic loves Susan Robert's needlepoint wreaths. They are the essence of spring.

Melissa Prince came out with a bunch of wonderful wreathes in January.

These join Melissa's Robin's Wreath which will be a Sandy Arthur mystery class in September 2016 for a full set of seasonal wreaths.

Any of these will make for a delightful stitch and an amazing display when finished.

UPDATE:  Horse Country Chic's wreath is back from the finisher!

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  1. Jane: I think that lovely blue heron is by Susan Roberts. I took a Julia Snyder workshop at Callaway last year with a woman who was working on it and I remember it as being a Susan Roberts.
    It is amazing in person and Julia was giving her wonderful stitches. Liz

    1. Thanks! For those late to the party, here is the Canvas of the Day Mom55 is talking about. I thought it might be from Needle Crossing but it is not identified on the shop website.!/Great-Blue-Heron/p/43924422/category=8327467