Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Amy's Newsletter for August 2016

This month's newsletter for Amy Bunger's shop is a real keeper.  First, Amy profiles Vikki Pinson, owner of Vikki's Stuff, a needlepoint finishing company that Amy uses often.  You'll love seeing Vikki's unusual finishing for common needlepoint shapes!   Here's Vikki's website.

Then Amy talks about how to use Ultrasuede on needlepoint canvases.  Trust me, it's easy.  Take one ply of cotton floss in the same color as your Ultrasuede, then find a tiny but sharp needle.  (I use beading needles.)  Then just put tiny stitches around the margins of your shape to attach it to the canvas, either over padding or not as you like.  Easy!

I think this is one newsletter I'm going to print out and save.

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