Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bitchy Background Done UPDATED

Background Almost Done! 

I finally managed to finish the background stitching on Bitch.  This isn't a large piece, 8 inches square on 18 count, but that's still a lot of background for a slow stitcher like me.

I used a darning stitch that makes circles, covering all the lettering except for the largest word.  I compensated around that.   I am using Finca perle cotton in size 16, which is a fairly fine thread, and my plans for stitching the lettering will work over the darning stitches nicely.

I did add one special touch to the background.  I added my Smooch Stitch in purple Kreinik to the background before I worked darning circles around it.  Originally I used the size 16 pale yellow perle cotton used for the darning circles for Smooch and didn't work the darning circles up to the Smooth (look at the top photo again) but I decided I wanted it to stand out more.  Here's the final version--

What do I plan to do with the letters?  Well, you'll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out!

UPDATE:  Pat's finished her background, too!

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  1. hi. I have been trying to follow the stitching path here and am having a problem figuring out how this is being darned. I noticed you missed a couple of legs on the right side of circles that angle up toward the perpendicular leg on a few on the left side (first saw these on the picture where you put beads and knots on some) of the canvas and where they are missing is actually helping me figure out where you move on to the next seems like it is on the straight up and down leg on the right side of the circle (working from left to right side of canvas)that you start the next circle using that straight leg as the connection to the next one but still a little confused - is there a book and page number where you are getting this chicken coop cage stitch from? it is a perfect background for a rooster canvas. thanks so much

  2. Fox, I have done the darning circles various ways, trying to figure out the most logical path. I mostly work them as backstitches now, doing the bottom and sides in one pass going to the side, then do the top on one pass going to the other side. This stitch I saw in a flower petal and diagrammed it from there. I'll look for missed stitches but that's probably just an area where the background stitches came loose and I took them out to retighten. Darning stitches are hard to tie off on the back securely. Hope this helps!

  3. Love the background, Jane! The kiss is perfect!

    1. Glad you like it. I like the purple smooch a lot myself.