Thursday, October 6, 2016

Storm Prep

Mary Agnes at Needle Nicely is a pro at packing for her Florida coastal store to withstand water damage from hurricanes.  With Hurricane Matthew in the news today, I thought you'd like to see what she's written about her preparations.

Anyone who endures constant power outages will agree with Mary Agnes.  An old style plug-in phone is a must.  (We own two.)

Keep your fingers crossed that everyone in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas stays safe during and after the storm.

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  1. Jane, what is so funny is that when someone called us on the "princess" phone, the ring was so strange neither of us at first recognized that it was a phone! The first call was a friend, and of course the second call was a robo call.

    1. LOL That is hilarious. And yes, 80% of our calls here are robo calls. Hope you don't have much cleanup to do and that everyone is safe in Vero Beach.