Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I don't do listings of sales and truck shows any more as I don't like training folks to go for the best price instead of developing a relationship with a shop that can help them with all sorts of things.  Customer service rules, after all!  But today I'm breaking that rule to tell you about the sale at Thistle Threads.  Thistle Threads, in cooperation with British thread manufacturers and Access Commodities, has developed and introduced reproduction threads, trims and other materials that mimic those available to our stitching ancestors in the 17th Century.  You can't find this stuff easily anywhere else and some of these things will soon go out of production as the one person who knows how to make it retires.  Therefore, this is a sale worth browsing if you are looking for something really different to put away in your stash for a special project.  Have fun browsing!

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  1. I received my order from Thistle Threads yesterday. I ordered the Counted Ribbon, and plan to stitch measuring tapes to go with the various étui kits I have yet to start, especially Home Sweet Home.