Thursday, January 26, 2017

Optical Illusions for Needlepoint

It used to be the only optical illusion painted canvases were available from Maggie.  (At least those are the ones I remember but correct me if I am wrong.  After all, as Little Brother puts it, I am OLD.  LOL)

However, now Needlepoint Designs by Laurel Wheeler has a whole series of these in various sizes for when you want to make your head spin!

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  1. Back to the 60s! People could have so much fun with geometry, and now Laurel's bringing back the good parts of the good old days. (I must say, I'm surprised folks ever needed, er, recreational pharmaceuticals back then: just looking at Op-Art has my senses reeling!

    On a related note, I stitched the Dishwashing Pixie a few years ago for my daughter, and tweaked her appearance - red hair instead of grey - by way of encouraging Daughter in her domestic duties. Is the sunbather in the top right-hand corner a Pixie on holiday? Those antennae look very familiar.

    All the best from hot, thundery South Africa, where it's almost too hot to stitch

  2. You are so right! Op art certainly makes one pretty dizzy. Fun to stitch, though. There are some fab 1960s style op art pillow designs. Yes, the sunbather is a Pixie. She's the computer pixie which I am stitching, also from Ruth in the same series. More on that in a bit but I am probably making my pixie something other than a blonde, depending on the threads I have in Ye Olde Stash.