Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Bit About Copyright

I stumbled across an interesting article on copyright while looking at this fabulous website of antique Valentine cards.  It makes clear exactly why copying something old may not keep the lawyers from your door and shows several ways how something that seems ok, might not be.  There's very useful information in clear language here, but always consult a lawyer who specializes in copyright before you do something that could well bring you to court.

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  1. I've been thinking about this issue in the context of coloring books.
    Several sites suggest using coloring books for embroidery. I assume since it would be for my personal use, it would be okay. But what about Charley Harper coloring books? I have several and have thought about tracing some of the designs to needlepoint. Am I infringing on something here? Just something to mull over. . . .

    1. I think for personal use it is ok, but if it turns out really well and you wanted to send it to the ANG Seminar exhibit, for example, you'd need approval of the copyright holder to put it in their magazine if you won a ribbon.

  2. Interesting article - thanks for providing the link, Jane. When someone infringes on a copyright, I am so saddened by their total lack of regard for the original artist. Several times during my working life I was asked to share material (not always needlework related) that was obviously not mine. The first gentle, then emphatic "No" was often met with rolling eyes and not very polite comments. I even had to explain the copyright concept to a lawyer who was really getting in my face about something she wanted me to do for her. I respect the artist too much to compromise his/her talent. Thank you for reminding us!