Friday, June 16, 2017

Opening a Box Of Beads (and More Tips)

Since I've been posting about beads this week, I thought I'd send you over to Mary Corbet's blog to read her message about opening Mill Hill beads, with bead tips and recommendations on places she buys beads as a bonus.

Warning:  Put your favorite beverage down when reading the above.  You also might like to know that I open my Mill Hill bead containers inside a gallon plastic storage bag….

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  1. Mary's blog on Mill Hill bead packaging is laugh-out-loud funny but I prefer your method.

    1. Just don't let anyone catch you with your bead box and hands inside a plastic bag. You'll get The Look. LOL

  2. Too funny! And we all can relate! I've gotten pretty good at opening those little buggers, but I have resorted to the plastic bag on occasion. And definitely never ever leave the box open!!!

  3. Many's the time I've aimed some choice words at the Mill Hill company for their diabolical packaging, for all the reasons previously mentioned!