Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Interviews with Mary Legallet and with Debbie Woodward

Fiber Talk interviewed Mary Legallet on September 24. You can learn about Mary's background, why she has both stitch guides and stitch concepts, and hear about how she works with designers and shops to pick the perfect class.  As a bonus, you can hear great suggestions for programs to stitch to!

Mary's website, the Whimsical Stitch, is here. Have fun exploring and don't forget to check each Wednesday for an update to Mary's blog so you can learn about a new stitch and where to use it.

Then Fiber Talk interviewed Debbie Woodward on October 1.  You can learn how Debbie accidentally started Painted Pony Designs, learn a bit about how she organizes trunk shows, and peak behind the curtain to see how needlepoint design businesses and Destination Dallas are run.

Here's Debbie's website, just in case you have an urge to browse her angels or something.

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