Saturday, March 3, 2018

Nashville Market Video Interviews! UPDATED

Fiber Talk is at the Nashville Market doing videos of the exhibitors. Besides interviewing sampler and counted thread folks, they also talked to Doug Kreinik, Debbie Woodward/Painted Pony and Kathy Rees/Needle Delights Originals. 

They also talked to Sally London of Rainbow Gallery about threads and Kurdy Biggs' designs!  (As an aside, the rumor that I would run into the Rainbow Gallery booth and grab all the threads and run is totally false.  Probably.)

Gary and Christine have done a lot of other booth interviews with sampler and counted thread designers.  If you'd like to browse those, go to their main page and explore.

UPDATE:  The fun continues as Gary interviews more folks at the Nashville market.  This set of videos includes an interview of Julia Snyder of & More.

This video grouping includes an interview with the maker of Rolaframe frames and stands.

This set has an interview with Raymond Crawford and the Hug Me Bags folks.

The final set of videos are all about Treenway Silks.

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