Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stitching Harry Potter

There must be thousands of Harry Potter fans in the world of needlepoint.  Recently I stumbled across a rare pair of crochet and embroidery kits which appear to have been properly licensed.

This knitting kit is licensed, too.

That got me thinking.  Are there needlepoint designs with Harry Potter themes?  The answer is yes, although some are barely legal due to copyright and some are obvious ripoffs.  Alice Peterson has several painted canvases.

Elm Tree Designs has a bookmark sized design.

Rogue Needlepoint has a Platform 9 3/4 round.

The Studio Midwest has a little topper that is a wizard robe.

Mopsey Designs has a fun round celebrating the books.

The aptly named Back Alley Transactions seller on Etsy has plenty of small items that may skirt the restrictions.

The romantic Always deer is only one of several designs sold by ChloJo Needlepoint, also on Etsy.

OTH Needlepoint has a nice quidditch design but many of their non-Harry pieces are clear copyright violations.

Snarky Crafter Designs' enameled metal ones are particularly nice.

Piney Stitch (also on Etsy) has miniature book needle minders, including this beauty.

My personal favorite is this needle minder but check the seller for other Hogwarts-themed castles in a different style.

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