Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Mary Corbet Tackles Nickel Allergies

I have a dear friend who's allergic to nickel who always has to be careful about what jewelry she wears as she's quite allergic to nickel.  Nickel is everywhere, even in really expensive jewelry, so she had to coat her engagement ring inside with clear fingernail polish occasionally to keep wearing it.  She doesn't stitch but if she did, she'd have trouble with needles that contain nickel.  

Mary Corbet to the rescue! 

Actually, it's Pam, The Needle Lady to the rescue, but I wouldn't know about Pam unless Mary mentioned her.

Pam also sells spiral eye needles, which are easier to thread than regular ones.  If you don't have use of two hands, glue a cork to something near your stitching chair so you can stick the needle into the cork, then thread it.  This will be a lot easier with spiral eye needles than regular ones as you won't have to insert a needle threader into the needle's eye, then add thread. Spiral Eye Needles eliminate that step.

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