Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Christmas in July (with Teeth)

The Christmas Alligator Stitched

Yesterday's Christmas in July finishing links reminded me that I hadn't shown off my Jude Designs Christmas alligator yet. It came back from West Coast Finishing about two weeks ago but the heavy rains meant a good photo wasn't possible then. When the rain turned into HotandHumid, I took photos for you to see.   So without further ado, here is Needlepoint by Jude's "Santa Al." 

Green Velvet Backing
Several people asked about the string of lights attached around the alligator and wrapped around his support pole. These are from the scrapbooking section of my local crafts emporium.   They are little plastic molded light bulbs on a string couched into position.  I sent West Coast Finishing the leftovers and they wrapped them around the support, too.

Pedestal with Sparkly Blue Ball to Match Ornament Hanging from Alligator's Tail
West Coast Finishing did a lovely job.  I requested something sturdy and masculine since this is a gift for my brother but otherwise let Sue Parsons do whatever she liked.  I think she did great!

Rickrack and Gold Trim on Edge-No Foofoo Ribbons for This Alligator!
This is the perfect present for the man who never decorates the Christmas tree due to the mess he makes, don't you think?  Hahaha

Many thanks to Sue.  You are the best!

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