Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School! UPDATED

If it's Labor Day, everyone is going back to school.  If you are a needlepointer, you too can go to school, regardless of your age.   Enriched Stitch in Connecticut is having a retreat in October to work on their Summer at the Shore piece, exclusive to them from Ewe and Eye.  There's even a custom lighthouse magnet from Accoutrement Designs!  To see the magic Suzie has created along the New England beaches, go here.

If a warm beach instead of the wind-swept ones off the New England coast is more your thing, check out Absolutely Needlepoint's class on Melissa Shirley's compote bowl filled with shells.  Based on Laura Taylor's stitch guide, Holly Crook has gone nuts with interesting embellishments to remember your Florida vacation by.  This class is going to be held in 2014 in Miami, so mark your calendar now.

Of course not everyone can travel to a shop when there is none close by, but luckily there are notebook classes!  Donna shows off three she is taking to learn more and improve her own stitching.    Taking cyberclasses is wonderful but so is taking a class that your local chapter of EGA or ANG has set up.  The second link is to a class that the San Diego chapter of ANG is offering in October from Margaret Bendig.

UPDATE:  I have two more fabulous classes for you, just posted about today.  First up is SharonG's embellishment class and her painting class at Nimble Needle.  "No throwing paint on the teacher" says SharonG.  LOL

Second, Enriched Stitch has invited Barbara Elmore to visit.  Take a look at her amazing work!

Celebrate Labor Day--learn something!

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