Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gossip Central

The latest gossip that little birds whispered to me--Jo Iooplito Christensen is planning to release the third edition of The Needlepoint Book in October August 2014.   It is revised and updated with fresh and interesting new photographs.  I can't wait!

(Thanks for the update!)

I've also heard that next year sometime a famous teacher is going to publish a "how to write your own stitch guide" article in Needlepoint Now.  I can't wait again!

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  1. Actually, the book is scheduled for August 2014. That's what a little bird told me.

  2. Fabulous!

    BTW, Jane, your canvases of the day are killing me! I love the Oriental Lanterns, but everything you've featured has been fabulous!

    1. Sorry, Goldy, but I have great fun picking canvases that catch my eye. By the way, folks who are late to the party won't see the Oriental Lanterns except by clicking here as I change my Canvas of the Day each morning. I think it is a very interesting design.