Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do You Need Something Stitched? UPDATED

With Ghost Stitchers apparently no more, I thought I'd collect a list of shops that offer stitching services.   I've been told the following shops offer stitching services.  For details, email or call the shop closest to you.  In no particular order, here they are:

Beth's Needlepoint Nook - they will stitch anything for anyone and have done rugs and stockings with guides

The Needle House

Old World Designs

Rittenhouse Needlepoint

The Needlepointer
Linda Wimer can be reached at The Needlepointer through the shop at their phone 425-252-2277.

2 The Point

Needle Nicely

The Point of It All


Needlepoint Alley

Needlepoint Points West

Red Finch Stitches

Enriched Stitch

Needlepoint Breeze

Needlepoint for Fun

Flying Needles

In Stitches Atlanta

Spiral Up Stitchery
This is a group in Puerto Rico that will stitch unfinished projects or do canvas restorations.  Right now their website is off line, possibly due to the dislocations the hurricanes of 2017 have brought to the island.

Elena Siurna
Email her at

Folks on Facebook who say they will stitch for pay (remember, I have no way of vetting these people)--
Linda Breman (the Hippie Stitcher)
Beth Burns Gilbert
Susan C. Hudnall
Ilene Levine
Kathy Worley
Ginny Stapleton
John Touhey - specializes in stitching stockings

If your local shop offers such services, please let me know and I'll add them to the list so folks searching for help know where to ask.  You can either use the Comments section below or email me personally at chilly hollow athot mail dot com and I'll add to this article for you.  Thanks!

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