Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pat Mazu for Christmas

The October 2013 newsletter for Needlepoint Now magazine is out and it features a free chart from Pat Mazu. Pat is famous for her small stocking and ornament designs, all of which use fancy stitches and open spaces to create something wonderful.   (Oh, there's a preview of the upcoming issue of the magazine, just in case you can't wait.)

By coincidence, ANG has also published a free Pat Mazu design as part of their Needle Pointers magazine's Web Extra series, this time a little stocking called Star in the Meadow.  You can see the finished piece at the ANG website, and there is a link to the free chart on that page also.  (Note the cord and tassel making instructions on the same Web Extra page if you want to try out making your own trims, just to know how.)

If you need a little ornament for a friend for Christmas or want to add another needlepoint piece to your tree, spend a little time with Pat.  With the help of Needle Pointers and Needlepoint Now, you can have a Pat Mazu stocking and ornament set for Christmas morning.  And if you fall as much in love with Pat's work as I am, Stitches From the Heart sells her charts and her finishing book, too.

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