Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tips and Tricks From the Clever Needlepointer

There are a lot of smart stitchers Out There and many of them blog. Today I have a collection of smart ideas from all over that may come in handy in your stitching life. First up is Mary Agnes in Vero Beach, whose staff came up with a clever way to deal with running out of thread for a stocking. (By the way, the singing turkey link she mentions is hilarious!)

Diane has a very clever way of making sure both sides of a coat or other stitched clothing match.  And no, I hadn't figured this out!  By the way, notice that the Holy Family have a golden yellow background while the Wise Men all have a blue background.  This is a very clever way of making the central figures of the Nativity stand out.  Kudos to Diane!

Linda demonstrates an easy way of using cording to outline areas of your canvas.  She is making rings for her Shelly (I think) Twelve Days of Christmas piece #5.

Got any clever tips?  Either blog about them or share them in the Comments below, please!

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