Monday, December 30, 2013

Please Pass the Ammo

Tom P. mentioned on the ANG email list that a friend of his wife's recommended she store her spools of Kreinik metallic in shotgun ammo cases.  Like these--

Note that Tom is talking about SHOTGUN ammo boxes.  If you want to consider other boxes, slip a spool of Kreinik in your pocket and test the box in the store to make sure it will fit.  Some rifle bullets are very tall and slender while hand gun bullets are not.  The cartridges that fit inside shotguns are taller and a bit wider than most Kreinik spools.  I think Accentuate and Bijoux spools might also fit, but it depends on the type of ammo.  I suspect the clerk at Walmart or Caebela's or other hunting goods stores are not going to know, so take a sample or two to try.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

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