Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Blue Russian: Rummaging Through the Stash

Jane Has A LOT of Stash!
Yesterday I got my Northern Light Santa on 11x12 stretcher bars and pulled all the threads and beads and sequins and more I thought would work for him. This is how I work. I get everything out that might work, then start editing the possibilities as I look at various sections of the canvas. 

Yes, I do have a big stash but remember, there is no shop closer than a two hour drive one way, so I rarely can do any in-person shopping.

I've already edited the above.  I put the blue perle cotton ball back since I want the darker blue areas to be either velvety or sparkly and perle cotton is neither.  I also got out my Water N Ice for his face.

More on that Monday!

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Anne Bloom said...

How do you shop for threads, etc. when you are not certain of what you will be stitching, what any of the colors and textures you need and how much you will need? I am interested in this part of your stitching adventure!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Anne, there are certain threads I use over and over again--black and white Splendor, favorite shades of gold Kreinik, neutrals in silk/wool blends, etc. Those I keep track of and buy more of what I've run out of or am about to run out of. Then there are favorite colors: pale pinks, royal blues, reds of almost any shade that I just pick up because I love them. Then I am always on the lookout for new brands. In those I pick whatever catches my eye. I also usually take my current and next to be stitched canvas with me and buy what I will need for them that I don't have. It's pretty hit or miss sometimes. I do make emergency phone calls to the shops "I need a skein of perle cotton close to DMC 392" or whatever. I also trade threads with fellow threadaholics and I buy very special ones (coloured twist or perhaps silk gimp) and keep them for a decade or more until the right project comes along. My tendency is to use a little of a lot of varieties of threads on one project so I rarely worry about running out of a background thread, for example. Being a light coverage stitch fan helps there. As I said, hit or miss. And you know The Rule: no matter how much thread you have, you will have to buy something new for a project!