Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sue Goes to Woodlawn UPDATED

I thought folks would like to read about Sue's trip to Woodlawn. Sounds like she had a blast.

Here are photos of some of the pieces Sue mention, in the order which she talked about them.  First, Ro Pace's Atlantis Rising.

I don't know which blue Nancy Cucci piece she saw, but these are typical of Nancy's teaching pieces.

Kurdy Biggs is a counted canvaswork designer under the Threedles name.  Again, I don't know specifically which designs Sue saw stitched.  Thanks to The Threedles Fairy, I know which pieces Kurdy Biggs exhibited--The Butterfly Effect in the Midnight color way...

Triple Crown in the Preakness colors, and ...

Hexefoos in the Strasburg colors  - Thanks for the help, Fairy!

Here is Melita's Crescent River, an original design.  Use the search feature to watch this being stitched on Melita's blog.

I don't know which Rita Hayworth canvas Sue saw but it might have looked something like Sandy Arthur's version of a Leigh Designs canvas from Leigh's "Femme Fatale" series.
UPDATE:  Yes, this is the canvas that Sue admired.  I didn't think to ask if she used the stitch guide.

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  1. The "Rita Hayworth" framed piece is indeed Delilah from Leigh Designs. I am so tickled that Sue took a liking to my work and that she took the time to post about it!



    1. Congratulations, Maria! I hope to see it in person later this month, depending on the weather. Did you enter anything else at Woodlawn for us to watch for?

  2. Kurdy's entries at Woodlawn are:
    The Midnight color way of 'Butterfly Effect'

    The Preakness color way of 'Triple Crown'

    The Strasburg color way of 'Hexefoos'