Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I've been thinking about the Internet and it's effect on needlepoint recently, specifically the little needlepoint shop around the corner from you,  Since this summer I've been posting about sales and trunk shows that the various shops hold and I've been wondering if this is a good idea.  Am I just giving shoppers more incentive to go to the big shops that can afford to offer big trunk show discounts?  Or am I giving the smaller shop that doesn't have any web presence except a Facebook page a way to compete?

I know there are some great shops Out There that have either a single web page with their contact information or that don't even advertise online or in the needlepoint magazines.  Their focus is on being there for their local customer, offering classes, support and advice, and stocking the supplies we all need.  They won't be found creating cyberclasses, publishing flashy newsletters, having name designer trunk shows each month, or updating a website complete with fancy shopping cart.  They don't have the time, personnel or money for that.  They just focus on their customer.

The next time you are tempted to save $20 on eBay or at a trunk show at a shop far, far away, think about this--Who will you turn to when you need a spool of Kreinik over the weekend?  When you can't figure out the instructions in a stitch guide?  When you need to match colors?  When you just need to go fondle threads and look at new designs to cheer yourself up?  If you don't patronize your local shop, it is going to go out of business.

If you don't support your local shop, they won't be there for you and then, who are you going to call?

Use it or lose it....

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  1. I keep looking for the "applause" button...

    1. Thanks, Don. Any opinion on whether I should keep up the Trunk Shows/Sales listings next year?

  2. I totally agree with you!! I LOVE my LNS . . . I frequently go in just because I need a dose of color! There are many things I avoid buying online so that I can give them my patronage (even if I have to wait because it is being ordered). I am a firm believer of the LNS and it makes me so sad that there are so few of them anymore. That being said, it is a small shop with a small website, but they still hold the occasional trunk shows. They have had to find ways to cast a wider net in order to stay in business. Perhaps you should consider restricting the number of trunk shows you will list (for example one per shop per year or something)?

  3. Add my applause too, but yes, keep the listings. There are many stitchers out there that do not have access to a LNS. Those of us that do are fortunate, and I for one, go to my LNS first. If she does not have what I need and is unable to special order, or sometimes if I can't wait for that, then I go online.

  4. I think the listing of trunk shows and sales is a nice service, and people are still going to seek out that information. But anytime we can remind that shopping small and shopping local are very important, it's a good thing!

  5. Right now, I don't have a local needlepoint shop to visit, so the internet keeps me connected. When I travel, I always look for a needlepoint shop. I will not buy anything to do with needlepoint from ebay. It is good to know about the Trunk Shows/Sales.

  6. I love you putting the trunk shows on this blog. Most shops email you when they have a trunk show, plus they put it on FB. A lot of people live where there is no shop for hundreds of miles. You are doing a great service to all of us who love to needlepoint.

  7. I love that you list them...even though I rarely buy a new canvas, I do like to see all things! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Although I don't really buy canvas or needlepoint (I'm more of a cross stitcher) I still like to see what's out there just in case I see that one project that makes me want to dip my toe in. Also, I don't have a local needlepoint shop (or any real embroidery shop) so I do most of my shopping online. But I usually do splurges, where I'll kit an entire project at a LNS when I visit a different city.