Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Help

Bird Wing from Brazil Cha-Cha
The owner of Exclamation Point! has just taken a class on silk ribbon embroidery and posted some information on her blog.   If you happen to live near the shop, do drop in and see the books and talk with the staff about this wonderful technique.

A friend loaned me several of Ann Cox's books and I can recommend them, too.  I adore River Silks silk ribbon as it is very sturdy, has a lovely sheen and comes in a very wide range of colors and several widths.  My only caution in silk ribbon embroidery is that the cards of ribbon don't have a lot of yardage and silk ribbon embroidery uses a LOT of ribbon.  You'll need more than you think.  The photo above is a bird wing from my Brazil Cha Cha canvas.  I used one card of each color on the wing which was about 5 inches long and perhaps three at the widest point.  The red stitches are satin stitches without a laying tool so I'd have a more feathery appearance and the overdyed yellow and orange ribbon is done in Japanese Ribbon Stitch.  You can see the entire finished canvas with the bird wings and tail all in ribbons here.

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