Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blogger Hates Me

For the second time this month Blogger is acting up. It won't let me post the correct link to the Canvas of the Day this morning.   Anyone interested in Marie Barber's Frenchwoman at Court from Colors of Praise will need to click on this link instead of the photo.  I have corrected the link twice and it displays properly in HTML but clicking on the photo takes you to Needlepoint Land's blog.

Sorry.  I tried to fix this but there is a bug in the code somewhere that I can't access to fix.

By the way, this article has published but isn't visible.  Excuse me while I go into the bathroom to scream....

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  1. Replies
    1. It's ok NOW. Why was it not ok yesterday? Blogger drives me nuts sometimes!

  2. Hi, did you know the fish aren't there? I was gone for the weekend, couldn't see them Friday, and they still aren't there. I love your column and always feed the fish. I love to look at them, but not planning on owning any of my own. Just yours.

    1. No, Dee, I did not know. the fish were missing. I looked and the code is ok, so perhaps the software writer has stopped hosting the program. I'll see what I can find out. I love playing with the fish, too. They were there Friday. I fed them. Stay tuned as I try and track down where they've gone.

    2. Dee, I think the koi pond is back. I removed the plug in, redid the fish, and added it back. So far, so good!

    3. Yes, they are back this morning!!!! Thank you! Have a great day, off to decorate graves.

    4. You are welcome. Thanks for letting me know.