Monday, June 2, 2014

Amy Talks Books, Guides and More

Amy Bunger's shop newsletter for June and July 2014 is now up on her website.

Amy's gone nuts for three ring binders.  When you read her mini book reviews, you'll see why.  She also reveals that Sparky (the semi-metallic version of Silken Straw) will be available at the January 2015 trade show.  Silken Straw is a repackaged knitting yarn and so is the new Sparky.  If you have a big project and a very good knitting shop nearly (or a LOT of stitching friends you can share with), see if you can find Alchemy's yarns before Sparky debuts.

The newsletter also contains the whimsical backstory for several new Annie Lane canvases, courtesy of Cindy McKown, and a new stitch diagram, created by Amy just for us.  The newsletter has new stitch guides, too.

All in all, a fun way to spend Monday morning!

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