Monday, June 2, 2014

Russian Santas: Stitch Guide News!

Carolyn Taggart's Little Angel Santa
Fans of the Leigh Designs series of Russian Santas will be thrilled to hear more new stitch guides are available for these Christmasy Ivans.  Sandy Arthur's website now lists all the guides you can get directly from her:  The Birdland, Forever Green, Holly Hills, and Merry Mistletoe Santas.  Her website has some great photos of the finished models!

Vicky DeAngelis is working on her Holly Hills Santa.  She's been wrestling with just the right thread, but she's making progress despite being the busiest stitcher on the planet.

Carolyn Taggart has also been busy.  She just finished her version of the Little Angel Santa (seen above).  You can connect with Carolyn via her Facebook page to order.  If you aren't on Facebook, just send me an email at chilly hollow at hotmaildotcom and I'll pass your message along to Carolyn.

There's a Russian Santa for everyone, and guides for many of them.  Have fun choosing!

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