Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blog Changes: Goodbye to Trunk Shows and Sales

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed a tab has disappeared from Blog this morning. I have decided not to continue to list all the trunk shows and sales any more.  I've done this for about a year as a service to Blog visitors, but I have decided that all I am really doing is making comparison shopping easier.  It was the most popular tab on Blog with fifteen thousand visitors over the last year, but I have always been uneasy about posting sales.  It seems to me that I am essentially encouraging folks to always go for the best price instead of supporting their local shop, assuming they have one.   It's a disservice to the smaller shops that can't afford big trunk show discounts or that can't do constant sales.  It also is a big time sink to manage.  I spent at least 10-20 minutes each morning updating this section of Blog.  If I felt better about the effect this might have on shops, I would continue to spend that time but I have decided it is not something I want to continue.  I encourage any blog or website that wants to do this themselves to do so, but I just can't justify the time to myself any more, not with the effect I think it is having on shops and shopping patterns.

So goodbye to trunks shows and sales!

While I'm on the topic of changes to Blog, someone emailed me pointing out that the list of blogs I maintain here has a lot of them listed that haven't updated in a long time.  My correspondent suggested I prune the list.  But I am reluctant to do this.  The dead blogs may come back to life when their owner has more time, and there is a lot of good information there.  So I think I will keep things as they are and hope that Blogger continues to show when a blog's been updated to make it easier for you to find new postings.

Besides, time is short here in CH.  Pruning the list would take several hours and I don't have that block of time right now.  I never intended Blog to become a news aggregator but since it has evolved that way, I need to keep the time involved in becoming the NP newspaper to a minimum.

Thanks for your support, ideas and for showing up here each day!

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  1. There are several blogs on your list that I have loved following in the past that are dormant now. I realize that life happens but hope that life will allow these interesting ladies to again blog and give us insight into their stitching and their lives! One can hope! I am considering a needlepoint blog but am realizing that it must be very time consuming so I am giving it a lot of thought. Thank you Jane, for being the needle pointing world news source, whether you meant to or not. By the way, I totally understand your reasoning on dropping your sale tab. The smaller shops have just breathed a sigh of relief, I am sure! We all need to shop local when we can and there is plenty of information on sales in social media.

  2. I agree with both your decisions too. I too have blogs on my own that have not updated in a while, but am hoping that they too will come back when they can. We all understand how busy life can get for us all!

  3. Sara Leigh of Confessions of a Remedial Stitcher just posted again after a very long hiatus, so yes, it's good to keep those blogs around!

    1. I saw that, B! I'm excited. Sara Leigh does mostly counted stuff so her work is always interesting and educational for me to read about. Great!