Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Shop Tour

It's summer, which means summer vacation. For stitchers, that means a chance to check out new shops. Luckily, some tourists have blogs and report back to their fellow stitchers.   Kathy visited the new location for Stitchville USA, which is in Minnetonka, Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis.  She took lots of photographs of the interior and threads.  As a threadaholic, I was thrilled!

Here is the shop website, in case you spotted a Must Have item in Kathy's photos.

In a related posting, Louise's Needlework showed off the stitching of the ladies who work there. It's a good introduction to the shop and the staff who look like a talented bunch.

Louise's Needlework is in Powell, Ohio, which I've actually visited.  It's full of historic homes, antique shops and good eating.  Louise's wasn't there when I last visited, though.  It's been quite a while actually.  Wonder if I can work a trip to Ohio and Minnesota into my next summer vacation?

Speaking of traveling and finding shops, Auntie mentioned this website on Facebook.  The last time I checked it had far more knitting and cross stitch shops listed than needlepoint, but it still might be quite useful.

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