Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bird Ideas

Do you have trouble stitching birds? If so, you'll want to ogle what Stephanie is doing courtesy of a Rent Amy Bunger day at Amy's Golden Strand in Memphis.

Julia Snyder is going to stitch the new Garden Party canvas (design by Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley) in the spring at Enriched Stitch in Connecticut. This canvas is full of birds and inventive ways of stitching them.

Finally, Judy has stitched all six of Eye Candy's owls.  Aren't they amazing?!

Next time you are paralyzed for ideas, think of what these bird brains have come up with!

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  1. Thanks, Jane, for mentioning my owls. I feel honored! Judy G

    1. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous birds! (and for not minding I called you a "bird brain"!)