Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Backgrounds: The Finishing Touch is Reborn

I just heard from Ruth Schmuff that my favorite book from Ann Strite-Kurz is being reprinted.  It's called Backgrounds:  The Finishing Touch.  This is a fabulous backgrounds book if you are interested in intricate patterns built up in layers.  Ann specializes in these, as folks who subscribe to Needlepoint Now know since she has a recurring column in the magazine about the patterns she loves to create.  This particular book comes with a CD that illustrates the book lavishly, which I personally find very inspirational.  You can read the book next to your computer, then open the PDF file to that section and browse the photographs. Ann knows everyone from years of teaching and her friends generously allowed her to photograph their work.

If you are interested in picking up a copy, Ann is going to offer a twenty percent discount on this book (she has many others--another favorite of mine is her Science of Canvas Embroidery booklet) until June 1, and there will be free shipping if you order three or more copies in case you want to go in with your friends on the deal.

Here's Ann's website.  Her books are on top (first three rows) and her designs are listed on the rest of the page.  Have fun browsing!

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