Saturday, April 18, 2015

Target Sells Needlepoint UPDATED

Thanks to Patty who posted about it on Facebook, I know that Target now carries needlepoint kits.  They have a section called Hand Made Modern near the stationery stuff, apparently, at least in some stores, which is where you find the green and blue blocks kit.  They also have something called an embroidery box with has a lid with perforated holes which you stitch over using thick thread like knitting yarn.  The label shows an initial, so these are meant to be done as monograms.  Patty posted a photo of a chart of the alphabet that comes with the box.

Dawn bought the needlepoint kit with the blocks pattern.  She says it is cheaply made and has blue and green skeins of what appears to be cotton floss, but she says if it gets folks interested in needlepoint, it is a good thing.

Jenny Henry has done a comprehensive list and review.

Thanks for the information, ladies!  Target, here we come!

UPDATE:  Donna took photos of things at her local Target.  Very 1960s look to the display, don't you think?

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