Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Chicago Tribune, November 11, 1968

I found this interesting article profiling The Needlery from the Chicago Tribune's online archive while looking for something else.  I hope you enjoy the quote from Russell Lynes which is as relevant today as it was over thirty years ago.  I imagine it was from one of his articles but there is no footnote to tell us where it was said originally.  I am quoting it in full below.

"For many years needlepoint has unfortunately been considered a genteel pastime (like china painting and pyrography--leather and wood-burning--a century ago) only for the otherwise unoccupied ladies--a sort of parlor version of occupational therapy.  It deserves better than that.  It is a medium exacting in its precision but relatively easy to control.  It can be extremely simple or extremely subtle."

"Wool has a built-in luminous quality that can not be imitated in any other medium, and the colors in which it is dyed or which it can create [it can be mixed almost like paint] are limitless.  Increasingly in recent years there have been needlepointers who have taken designs from from contemporary paintings . . . with excellent results.

Scroll up a bit to see all the photos illustrating the article. For some reason the link takes you to the text, not the beginning of the article.

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