Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Third Edition of Jo Ippolito Christensen's Needlepoint Book Out Today

Today's the day when the third edition of Jo I. Christensen's Needlepoint book is officially on sale.  Because this is the third edition, folks are curious if they need to pick up the 2015 version if they have the 1978 or 1999 edition.

Here's what the author says about the new version on Facebook:

"There is a tremendous amount of new information. In addition, I have completely reorganized almost all of the information, merging the old with the new. Part Two: Interpreting the Painted Canvas discusses all of the stitcher's decisions from the purchase of a canvas straight through to finishing it off with embellishments. I think that this order is more of what we stitchers actually encounter with each canvas. Dozens of people have spent countless hours and dollars contributing to this edition. The free app from the publisher is a very nice addition. The 2nd edition was 448 pages; the 3rd is 576. (Amazon has it wrong.) The 3rd edition has 1680 illustrations---225 new. I think there are 63 new stitches for a total somewhere around 450??? The number of color pages has doubled from 16 to 32. There are 132 or 133 color photos; the 2nd edition had 54 (I think). With a digital version you should be able to see more of the stitches and the texture. There is more of everything, just about. I hope you all like it!"

There are downloadable editions for the Kindle and Nook and there is an app available in both the Android and Apple stores.  You should know that the app version "features the “Stitches,” “Color,” and “Ideas” sections of THE NEEDLEPOINT BOOK in a digital format.  It will be available on the book’s on-sale date April 28 for Apple and Android products.  With purchase of the book, a code is included to download the app for free."

The app information came from the publisher when I asked about the app.  Hope all this helps you make up your mind!

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  1. I cannot find any code or info on the app even though it is mentioned on the cover of the book. I cannot find it in the book or from the vendor I bought it from (Amazon), or from Touchstone who printed it. can anyone tell me where they found the code? thank you

    1. Fox, the author posted this on Facebook--"Statement from S&S 'The Needlepoint Book App will be free to download for customers who purchased the print or ebook. The app is still under construction; expected launch date is sometime in June 2015. Customers should visit www.needlepointbookapp.com and enter their information. S&S will notify you with your download code as soon as the app is made available.' "