Sunday, June 14, 2015

Brenda Loves the Naturalight Magnifier

This type of light/magnifier has been quite popular lately for those who use fatter stretcher bars and want a fairly portable magnifier that includes a light. Brenda loves hers!

The light comes from LEDs.  The official name of this appears to be StarMag Flexlens with Base and Clip.  I guess Naturalight is the manufacturer.  Several shops sell these and I've also seen them on eBay.  The magnifying lens appears to be plastic and is a tad more than four inches in diameter.

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  1. I have more coming. Feel free to contact me and I can hold one for you. I've tried getting them from several vendors as I can't stand not having them in stock!! But Daylight recently relocated their warehouse and so all their shipping operations have been suspended. If you just need light I do have their new Smart Lamp R10.

  2. Hi Jane, Fleur expects to ship any day so I have increased the quantity in my online store for anyone who would like to pre-order. Thank you so very much. Its the magnifier of choice for those who use Evertites. ALSO another biggee!! the hand strength required to open up the clamp is modest compared to other daylight clip on magnifiers that have a hefty spring clamp. For anyone with limited hand strength the star mag clip on light magnifier is like a gift from heaven.

  3. Thanks for the updates, Karen! For those who don't know Karen, she's the owner of Nimble Needle, so this is good information for those interested in ordering from her shop because their local doesn't stock these--or they don't have a local shop.