Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cookie Cutter Ornaments Reduce Stash --- Or Do They?

Suzanne is trying to reduce her stash of threads by making ornaments using her cookie cutters to outline shapes which she'll fill with various patterns and colors.  She says it doesn't always turn out that she has enough threads, but what the heck!  It's still fun.

Mary Agnes of Needle Nicely is doing the same thing, except I don't know how she got her outline.  She is created a series of stars for a garland for the shop, using any threads at hand to fill the star shapes.

Mary Agnes also create a tree topper star using a Bargello stitch.  Isn't it nice?

The creativity of these ladies and their thrift using up odds and ends of canvas and thread are inspiring!

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  1. Suzanne's houndstooth bunny is absolutely adorable. So nice of her to publish a stitch diagram, too.

    1. I agree! Bet we all do a little copying of these wonderful stash-busters!