Sunday, December 6, 2015

Designs By Heidi's Trunk Show UPDATED

I don't usually post links to trunk shows as I don't like to encourage folks to only shop sales instead of finding and then supporting a great local shop. But because Ridgewood is showcasing Heidi's designs, I am making an exception. Designs By Heidi does wonderful painted canvases, full of detail and originality but she doesn't have a website so you won't see many of her things online.   Take this opportunity to enjoy her work and perhaps place an order for something special.

Heidi does have photos of her designs on Flickr.  You may not be able to see this if you don't log into Flickr with your Yahoo email account but it shows things you don't see on Ridgewood's blog entries, so try it.  If you find something you want, you can email Heidi at to order.

UPDATE:  Needle Bug posted a photo album of Heidi designs on their Facebook page.

UPDATE #2:  Bloomin' Stitches now stocks Heidi canvases.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting the info for Heidi's canvases.

    1. My pleasure! I was thrilled to see them myself so I wanted to share with my best stitching buddies!