Saturday, January 2, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Jo Ippolito Christensen App Available (sort of)

Jo Christensen just posted on Facebook about the progress her publisher is making to make an app of her 2015 edition of The Needlepoint Book available.   The bottom line is an online version of what the app will be (which will sell for $14.95 if you didn't buy a copy of the book) is available for a short time online.  You can click on the stitch name to see a diagram and perhaps a grayscale stitched sample, but give it time to load.  Note that the rest of the book is not available online, just the stitch diagrams.

The app itself still has to be ok'd by the Google Play and iTunes stores.  Once it has made it through the approval process, you can use the app download code to access it from  iTunes and Google Play.  Here is where you get the download code if you bought a copy of the book already and haven't signed up to get it.  The download code will be sent to you when you can use it.  You won't get it until then.

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