Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trend Spotting: More Elves from Sheena UPDATED

Raymond Crawford

Because of the heavy snow we got last week, I didn't get all the new elf canvases Sheena's spotted at the Winter 2016 TNNA show mentioned on the article I wrote with her help. I even found some myself.  So here are more elves!  The photo above of elves with Santa's sled is from Raymond Crawford.  There are three single elves that are similar on his website in case you want to stitch the entire set for Christmas display.  Wouldn't this be cute sitting on a buffet for the holidays?

Debbie Mumm's Elves from Christmas Village
Debbie Mumm has a Christmas Village set (bottom of the page in the link below) that includes three little elf characters.  Sheena's favorites are shown above.

Princess and Me Booth Shot
The Princess & Me hasn't updated their website but Sheena spotted this darling elf holding Christmas presents in a photograph of their Market booth.  There may be a second elf hiding behind Mrs. Santa.   I'm not sure....

Pepperberry's North Pole Elf

Elves with presents seems to be a theme.  Pepperberry also has an elf with wrapped packages. The shoes and the title of "North Pole Elf" are a dead giveaway, don't you think?

I hope you've enjoyed all the elves from Market.  Thanks, Sheena!

UPDATE:  I'd forgotten Ada did elves before they were trendy.  Glad to hear more are on the way!

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