Monday, February 1, 2016

Drawer Storage for Needlepoint Supplies

Sheena's New Storage Unit from Ikea

Sheena of Sheena's Sweet Stitches saw a wonderful storage system at Ruth Schmuff's new quarters and immediately picked up a similar set for herself at her local Ikea.   It is called the Alex and comes in black, white and gray (although the online store only seems to have the gray and white.)  It is around 26 inches high and wide and almost 19 inches deep.

Sheena says these are made of particle board and are well made.  They have to be assembled but she says the instructions are good.  She sent me a photo of her set assembled but it isn't yet in place in the closet she uses for needlepoint storage.

Ikea has a huge variety of these drawer units.  They are a very good storage option if you have the space for one of the sizes Ikea carries.

 Thanks very much for sharing, Sheena!

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  1. I recognized these instantly. :-) My son works at home & has 3 for his home office. One holds the printer, paper & my DIL's painting stuff; the other two are connected with countertop for his large corner desk. Plenty of storage, and the grey is very handsome. They aren't hard to put together, but are pretty heavy, so 2 people would be better than 1 during assembly. If I were going to use them for needlework storage, I'd get some containers & dividers at IKEA of The Container Store (which is a delightful 'field trip' in its own right).