Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Egyptian Cat's Nose -- At Last!

The Latest Version of Catra's Nose

I have been really busy with Real Life chores so I haven't made a lot of progress on Catra, my Egyptian cat project from Tapestry Fair. But she does have a nose!   It is satin stitches using orange Entice, which is a little darker and a little less shiny than the Shimmer Blend ribbon floss that was the best candidate when I last showed the design.  (You can see the threads I tried on the nose in the links below.)

As you can see, working the cat's jewelry helped me see whether something orange and shiny would work on the cat.  The nose, although a focal point, is toned down a lot by the finished earring and the winged scarab headdress.  I'm working on the gold of the collar now.  Don't expect progress for a couple of weeks as I am too busy to stitch much at night right now.

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  1. Excellent! The jewelry did make a difference. We will be here waiting and also staying busy! LOL

  2. Looks good to me! The headdress looks awesome. Are you going to use tila beads on the collar?

    1. I haven't decided yet. I'm doing all the gold setting on the collar now, or I was but we have company coming next week and I'm pretty busy doing other things. Once the gold is done, I'll play with the beads in my stash (I have some tila beads in various colors) and see what works. Stay tuned!