Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Give to ANG Two Ways UPDATED

The American Needlepoint Guild's latest e-newsletter is available online. You can read it here.

I want to point out two parts of the newsletter to pay special attention to.  One is the section about the Golden Needle Society which is an ANG fundraiser.  If you love using the Stitch of the Month section of ANG's website or enjoy browsing the Exhibit photos on the website, why not send ANG a little thank you gift?  This is the way to show support for all ANG does, even if you don't want to commit to dues or belong to a chapter.

The other thing of interest is the ANG Auction section.  This fall during ANG's Seminar in New Orleans folks who aren't attending can still participate in the ANG Online Auction from between August 28-30.  All proceeds benefit ANG.

And naturally if you are an ANG member, you'll want to check out ANG's classes, volunteer with the organization or just buy a copy of the Ort Box with a Twist instructions.  You can get a PDF version or a hard copy.  Just fill out and return the Merchandise Form or follow the instructions here to fax in an order.

UPDATE:  I just heard from Marilyn Owen that her Ort Box with a Twist is no longer available via ANG so please don't send them the order form.  It'll just create a muddle. If you are interested, email Marilyn directly at She'll happily sell you the chart.

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