Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bitchy Embellishment UPDATED

Once the top and bottom rows of lettering were stitched on my Bitch canvas, I started to think about the middle two rows. "Bitch" has very large letters while "just kidding" has smaller lettering.  Because I emphasized one word in the top row and one in the bottom row, I thought I should also emphasize "kidding" in some way so that the eye travels from the left top to the middle right to the bottom left side again.  Did I want to use the very dark Silk Lame Braid again to add that emphasis? I laid the card of thread on the canvas, stepped back and looked at it, then decided not.  I would need to emphasize "kidding" in another way. But what?

Padded Satin Stitches for "Just Kidding"

After looking carefully at the colors in my various threads, I decided that I liked the purple of the Finca perle cotton the best.  It's a good match to the painted lettering and it also would make lovely satin stitches.  I worked "just kidding" in padded satin stitches, working each letter with horizontal straight stitches, then going back over them with diagonal tent and longer stitches to create a raised effect.  You can't tell the raised texture from the photo but it lifted the letters up and made them prominent. I like the effect.

But it is rather plain.  I decided I would add bling to "kidding" by adding various shapes and sized of beads and by adding a stitch over my diagonal satin stitches in my very pretty light gold, purple and blue mix of metallic Kreinik 2094HL.  So that's what I did.  Here is the result.

Embellishment On Satin Stitches
I hope you can see the beads, flower shaped sequin, and metallic threads I added either on top or next to the letters in "kidding."  By the way, I decided I liked the flower sequin enough that I took out the large bead on the letter N and replaced it with a second flower sequin.

Next week we'll talk about the largest word on this canvas.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  Pat used padded satin stitches on her Just Kidding row, too!  Great minds think alike.  LOL

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NCPat said...

Looking good! We both did padded Satin on the 3rd row!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Great minds think alike.... LOL

Colette said...

You're killin' me! I love this.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks! It's for my older niece. She adores this. I shudder to think what my brother and DSIL are going to say. Stay tuned....